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    Stillupklamm 826
  • 6290 Mayrhofen

10 Rules of conduct with the grazing livestock

Photo from the ski area, Mayrhofner

1. Avoid contact to grazing livestock, do not feed the animals and keep safe distance!

2. Keep calm, do not scare grazing livestock!

3. Mother cows protect their calves, avoid encounters between mother cows and dogs!

4. Always keep dogs under control, lead the dogs on a short leash. If an attack is to be foreseen by a grazer: abate immediately!

5. Do not leave hiking trails on pastures and fields!

6. When grazing cattle blocks your way - get around with the greatest possible distance!

7. Approaching grazing cattle: stay calm, do not turn your back, avoid the animals!

8. Already at the first sign of restlessness of the animals – leave grazing field quickly!

9. Please pay attention to the fences! If there is a gate: please use it and close it also! Cross the grazing field quickly!

10. Meet the people who are working here, the nature and the animals with respect!